Granite Countertops

For self-installation, the greatest cost will be the material that you choose for your new countertop. On average a countertop is between 28-30 linear feet, note that linear is in reference to the number of feet in length of your countertop. Countertops are usually 24 inches deep which means that if you go by square feet if your countertop covers 28 feet then you would have 56 square feet to cover. But with granite countertops manufacturers understanding that countertops are 24 inches deep they build each sheet to cover two square feet. This is important to know when purchasing your countertop.

Now prices for granite countertops can range from $3 per linear square foot to over $100 per linear square foot depending on look, pattern, color, texture, edging, and other options. This can lead to your material costs ranging anywhere from $600-$3000 dollars. Adding in installation costs if you’re going to contract the project out and you could be looking at an additional $20-30 dollars per linear foot. If you are doing your own home improvement projects then you need to add the cost of any equipment or supplies you will need. This is relatively inexpensive you can pick up almost everything you need from your local home improvement store for a few hundred dollars assuming you don’t have any of the equipment or supplies already.

So how do I calculate my home improvement budget?

  • Measure your countertop to see how many Linear Square Feet you will need to cover.
  • Choose you granite countertop sheet and record the price per linear square foot.
  • For self-installation multiply (Linear Square Feet * Price per Linear square foot).
  • If contracting out your project use the following to estimate your budget.
  • (Linear Square Feet * [Price per linear square foot + $25.00])
  • *Of course costs will change depending on the rate you agree on with your contractor.

Granite Tile Countertops

Granite tile countertops offer your home that custom natural stone look and feel that really makes the difference in taking your home kitchen from average to spectacular. With the average square foot cost in a range of $60 it is more expensive than laminate but the price is worth it in your homes re-sale value and in quality. If you are interested in a granite solution to your kitchen countertop needs definitely check out this site.